Community Engagement Project Status

Scout Troop 60 Helps On-Site Tree Conservation Effort

Eight scouts from Troop 60 joined on-site crews to learn about tree conservation, relocation, and to earn service hours towards their rank advancement. Scouts learned about techniques to ensure maximum survivability of relocated trees including how to judge root size and protection of the tree in transit. Check out the photos of their hard work digging the new location for the tree as well as the final tree in place.

Established in 1965, Troop 60 is located in New Delhi, India. Troop 60 is a part of the Boy Scouts of America, under Far East Council, and is chartered by the American Embassy School in New Delhi, India.

Project Status

Tree Relocation Commences

Relocation of dozens of large trees began in earnest in late November as the project team mobilizes following a COVID-19 delay. Arborists assist in trimming the trees and making sure they have the greatest chance of survival in their new homes. Arborists also help to identify trees trees that are too old or have disease damage, limiting their likely transplant success. The majority of the transplanted trees will remain on-site, with a few trees finding new homes on other embassy-owned properties in the neighborhood. Trees are essential in mitigating poor air quality, and the project team is committed to preserving trees with the best chances of long term survival.