Community Engagement

Corporate Environmental REsponsibility project

The U.S. Department of State is a proud partner in the neighborhood and is working to address Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER) requirements of the municipality per the project environmental clearance conditions. Thus, the project includes publicly accessible improvements to the neighborhood. The final detail of the CER project proposal are being worked out.

The required monitoring reports can be found tagged as Corporate Environmental Responsibility posts on this site.

Embassy Effect

Economic Effect in Chanakyapuri

The new Embassy project on the existing site in Chanakyapuri will renew the commitment to the diplomatic neighborhood and refresh the architecture of the historic area. During the construction of the new buildings, approximately $200M is expected to be invested in the local economy for materials, labor, and ancillary services in support of the construction. The project is expected to employ approximately 800 local citizens in the construction trades. Throughout the construction project, the neighborhood will experience an increased opportunity for support services, such as worker housing, grocery, and social experience.

Long term economic impacts include strengthening of the real estate market in the neighborhood for residential and support services.

Environmental Effect in Chanakyapuri

Resilience — Durability, Adaptability, and Sustainability. The U.S. Department of State’s goal is to deploy ecologically resilient design strategies globally. With increasingly pressing climate issues, the full project and new campus utility design share a sustainable vision which limits requirements for irrigation and overall maintenance. It decreases demand on potable water and increases the collection and recycling of storm water and wastewater. The campus also includes an on site renewable power generation with roof-mounted photovoltaic arrays.

Social Effect in Chanakyapuri

The new Embassy project strengthens the relationship between the U.S. and India, and will enable the renovation of the historic chancery into a meeting place for public engagement and cultural exchange. The permanent art collection, curated by the Office of Art in Embassies, will showcase works from both U.S. and Indian artists in a variety of media, including paintings, photographs, textiles, and sculptures.  The collection will seek to create a dialogue of shared values between the people of our two countries.  Highlights will include site-specific commissions that reflect an understanding of the diversity and richness of U.S. and Indian cultural heritage.